Best Web Designing Company in Calicut – Top 3 List

Calicut Web Designing companies are known for it’s quality websites. Here we have compiled a list of top three webdesign companies in Kozhikode. Top Calicut Web Designing Companies Paper Boat Network Yarddiant Sweans These firms are not only the most experienced in the web design industry, but are also known to deliver great performance to it’s […]

Is Search Engine Ranking easy for Local Businesses in Calicut?

With the increasing number of local businesses in Calicut showing interest in organic search, SEO companies are on high demand. The question whether local businesses could benefit from good SERPS (search engine results page) is quite debatable. It is a widely-seen culture in countries like America for people to google things before physically going to […]

Why AfterVote?

AfterVote aims at being the only distraction-free online work environment for webmasters where they can socialize, but not much as to disturb their actual work. The concept is still on beta, and we’re working hard to launch the final product as soon as possible. Come back later.